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Osteopathy practice
Nantes - Dobree

Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapeutic approach based on a global vision of the structure of the human body. The osteopath practices manual manipulations of the musculoskeletal system and uses myofascial release techniques to relieve tension, imbalances and pain.

Claire Pougnet

Your Osteopath

I am Claire Pougnet, graduated from IdHEO (Institut des Hautes Etudes d'Ostéopathie) in 2017.
I favor so-called "gentle" techniques, but I adapt each technique according to the reason for consultation, the patients and their history.  I am committed to being able to deal with a wide range of symptoms and pathologies of infants, pregnant women, athletes, children and adults of all ages.

My expertises are: 

Myofascial osteopathy

Osteopathy for pregnant women

Cranial osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy

Pediatric osteopathy

Why osteopathy?

Created in 1874 by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still, osteopathy is a philosophical and therapeutic concept which aims to manually treat loss of mobility in the joints but also viscera and fascia (envelopes covering the muscles, viscera, bones, etc.).

Osteopathy is therefore a manual medicine, focusing on the functional disorders of the human body.

The osteopath, watchmaker of the body, uses his hands in different ways to make an osteopathic diagnosis and provide treatment.


Monday Friday
07:30 - 20:30


17, rue Flandres Dunkerque 40, 

44000 Nantes


Tel: 07 68 65 53 58 osteopathe nantes claire pougnet
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