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Claire Pougnet

Graduated from the Institut des Hautes Etudes d'Ostéopathie (IdHEO) in 2017, I carried out various replacements over the year 2017 - 2018 then I joined the Riaillé osteopathy practice (44440) in 2018, where I continues to work currently, in addition to my installation at the Nantes-Graslin office. 

Since obtaining my diploma, I have been keen to continue training in order to gain in efficiency, to be able to address a wide range of symptoms and pathologies. 

Here is an overview of the different training courses that I have been able to carry out since 2017:

  • Infant Tissue Approach

  • Tissue approach of the pregnant woman

  • Installation of K-taping 

  • Fasciatherapy training

  • University Diploma in Physionutrition

Based on these teachings, my practice has changed over the years. 

In consultation, I favor so-called "soft" techniques but I adapt each technique according to the reason for consultation, the patients and their history. 

Studies & Training


Graduated from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Osteopathy (IdHEO) - Nantes

University Diploma in Clinical and Biological Physionutrition - University of Grenoble Alpes

Others formations

2020 Infant - Nantes
2019 Pregnant woman - Nantes
2019 Fasciatherapy - TMG Concept Paris
2017 K-taping - Bordeaux

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